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Water Proofing System

Water Proofing

PerfectCare commenced its operations in 1999. In recent years we have grown and expanded, and we work nationwide. We are specialized to provide various waterproofing solutions to the construction industry and became one of the most successful specialists in the country by serving our valued client base. Competencies in speed, quality, value engineering, design, production and delivery are our key slogans, which give our customers a wide range of services and effective solutions. The company adheres to strict quality systems and safety policies, and has a vision for growth that is built around providing its customers with superior quality, being innovative and having integrity. Within this framework all our customers are assured a sustainable and environment friendly integrated solution with a commitment to meeting their requirements through applied research and development.

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Protection & Insulation Systems

Polyurethane Foam Insulation is called 'closed cell', because the ’windows' are shut, which makes the foam completely water resistant and also works as an excellent thermal insulator. Gas is trapped in the dosed cells, giving the foam an R-value which complies with the Green Building Construction requirements.

Full System Warranty
  • It has been time-tested to meet or exceed the very specific and demanding standards.
  • The strength and track record of the system is that the Roofs are permanently protected and provides you with the strongest protection in the insulation industry for the life.

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