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About Us

Waterproofing Company in Dubai

Perfectcare waterproofing services

PerfectCare Technical services Is a professional engineering firm which serves construction Industry In the application of Insulation contracting. Past two decades, with OBS, Dubai have been providing professional Waterproofing, Protection and Insulation services to a wide variety of satisfied clients in construction industry. During this time, we have earned a reputation for stability and longevity and has proven its ability to handle engineering challenges of any magnitude with imagination, foresight, and principles. The firm's professional services include Building Insulation, Protection and construction management This group of Professional Engineers, assisted try a top-notch In-house staff, has provided responsive, high-quality engineering services to a broad spectrum of Industrial clients, governmental agencies, and commercial organizations.

The PERFECT team members have provided Innovative solutions to complex engineering problems in the logistics, transportation, and construction industries. They have been highly successful in obtaining effective solutions to wide- ranging problems by applying engineering mechanics, finite element analysis methods, mechanical equipment, structures, systems, processes, and concepts.

The PERFECT team have extensive experience in the management and performance of fixed price, time and materials, and cost plus fixed fee contracts. The size of these projects has ranged from very small Jobs to large contracts. These projects have been performed for clients ranging from major corporations to small companies. We have been awarded ISO 9001:2008 certificate In recognition to its quality construction management. Past years PERFECT have been successfully completed many high profile projects in United Arab Emirates.

Equipped with state-of-the-art waterproofing and insulation applications, PERFECT can seamlessly seal and insulate residential, commercial and industrial building. With a diversely qualified staff, PERFECT can accommodate multiple project commitments and offer a broad range of experience and expertise. As a progressive business, PERFECT is able to pass on to its clients such benefits as rapid response time, direct access to senior executives, and a dally preoccupation with the delivery of high quality products, systems and services.

PERFECT is fully committed to Improving the environment and have in place environmental management systems and policies in accordance with International and domestic authority standards which details the objectives.


We are responsible for ensuring that we minimize the impact by being accountable for our actions and by responding to the different concerns and demands of our customers and communities we engage with, while remaining profitable and competitive. This means conducting our activities according to rigorous ethical, professional and legal standards. In this way, PerfectCare continues to deliver high-quality services that help ensure a sustainable environment for future generations. We ensure all the products and systems that are used will be completely green comply.

As sustainable construction practices become increasingly main stream, we are therefore ideally positioned to offer architects and developers the products they need both to satisfy evolving environmental standards, and meet the increasingly informed sustainability expectations of building users.


Our aim is to be one of the best Civil Constructions Service providers in GCC bringing our clients with the best of the service available all across and surpassing their expectations.

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